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Pennsylvania Cannabis Dispensary Checklist

The expert cannabis consultants from Quantum 9 performed a review of the Pennsylvania draft regulations for dispensaries. We have compiled the following checklist to aid applicants in their quest for a Pennsylvania dispensary license or permit to dispense cannabis. The draft dispensary regulations mention protocols in more than one section, and the item column will indicate the type of protocol that should be written for that section.

Quantum 9 has performed marijuana consulting licensing work in more than ten countries. Purchase the protocols below as one large package. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in hiring a Quantum 9 expect cannabis consultant to help aid in your Pennsylvania Dispensary submission.

PA Marijuana Dispensary Checklist

Pennsylvania Marijuana Checklist Dispensary FAQs

When will the submission be due? We are projecting the end of December or early Q1 for the submission to be due.

How long would it take to write these documents myself? It took Quantum 9‘s full team of cannabis consultants four years to refine our document set. We have the most stringent regulations from each of the territories that we have worked in. For example, our security protocol includes federal requirements by Health Canada. The protocol includes much more than the high-level requirements of these draft regulations. Over 52 consultants have contributed in the drafting of this document set.

How many of these document sets will you sell in Pennsylvania? Quantum 9’s marijuana consultants understand the conflict of interest and have committed to selling four document sets total within the state of Pennsylvania, maximum one per region, but four total. Two have been sold to date (Nov 8, 2016).  Please contact Quantum 9 to check if your region is still available before its too late.

What will the submission format be? Cannabis Consulting is tough, especially in the licensing arena. Our best guess is that it will follow either the New York or the Maryland submission format. New York was an open format where you sent the state everything and the kitchen sink. Application submissions were thousands of pages. In Maryland, each license required the applicants to answer 100-200 questions. Maryland delegates a character count to each question, character counts ranged from 180 characters to 5,000.

How many licenses are available? 50 dispensary licenses and 25 grower/processor licenses.

How many applicants will submit? We are projecting between 100-400 applicants will file for the 50 dispensary licenses.


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