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How to apply for New York Medical Cannabis Registration

These instructions are for personal medical use of cannabis products

New York Cannabis License ConsultingQuantum 9 is a global leader in cannabis consulting, so using our blog as a resource is a great first step. We have loads of resources for New York cannabis consulting, as well as helpful information about medical registration. Here, you can find more information about the benefits of medical cannabis use.

To apply for a medical New York cannabis license, you need a certification filled out by your doctor/practitioner. The New York State Department of Health provides details about how to get your medical certification.

First, you should contact your health practitioner, whether that be a doctor or psychiatrist, etc. Second, you need to obtain patient certification from your doctor. Your doctor has to provide certain information for your patient certification. One of the most important things for this is your doctor’s statement about your medical condition. This statement gives the board a reason for your certification to be approved.

Once your doctor has helped you with patient certification, you can go online to New York State’s website. Once you’ve done this, follow the instructions provided under “How to Register”.

There is a $50 application fee to complete the registration. As of June 23, 2020, the department is waiving this fee for medical registrations.

Once approved, the department will mail a registration ID card to you. Once you’ve received your ID card, you will be able to purchase from any approved dispensary in the state!

Laws You Should Know About Before Applying for a Medical New York Cannabis License

There are some limitations to medicinal cannabis use in the state of New York. It is important to be aware of some of those limitations. Please be sure to read the legislation for details.

As long as you are medically registered yourself, or you are a registered caregiver, you are legally allowed to have cannabis in your possession. So long as you are registered, you can legally transport, deliver, and administer.

However, there are a few limits. For example, registration ID cardholders cannot possess more than 1 week plus a 60 day supply of the product. So, this means that when you are running low on your supply of medicinal cannabis, you can purchase more if you have a week’s worth in your possession.

Your doctor will indicate your 60 day supply on your certification.

Additionally, the form in which you consume cannabis products can be limited. For example, say your doctor wrote a certification for edible use only. You cannot purchase cannabis in any form other than edible.

Similarly, you must keep your cannabis products in original packaging when you are not consuming or using them.

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