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Michigan Bill 4271 Compliant Medical Marijuana Technology

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Michigan House Bill 4271 otherwise known a the “Provisioning Centers Act” will allow medical marijuana to be dispensed directly to patients from a provisioning center, also known as dispensaries, access point or compassion centers.

In 2013, Michigan legislators made it more difficult to be in the cannabis business. HB 4271 will allow local municipalities to decide the rules and regulation of provisioning centers. Allowing provisioning centers to operate legally is a major step in the direction of getting medicine to patients but the bill calls for additional reporting protocols in order to stay compliant.

This new bill will require provisioning centers to track purchase history of individual patients as well as transactions with caregivers and other provisioning centers. This bill will make provision centers a more legitimate business, making documentation more crucial than ever.

Whether Michigan legislators pass this bill or not it is important to track your sales and inventory. That’s just good business. The Quantum 9 application has a robust documentation system from seed to sale including tracking sales among patients, caregivers and other provisioning centers.

Read Michigan House Bill 4271


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