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A good blog is a successful blog.

Which might lead you to ask, what makes a blog a success?

A blog that is precise, well thought out, and tailored to its audience can be a success when you stick to these 5 simple steps.

Marketing your cannabis business5 tips from expert copywriters to follow when writing your next blog post. 

  1. Keep It Real.

Publish content that speaks to your reader’s questions and problems. Use your own words and write like you talk. Write about topics you love while expressing your own unique opinions and viewpoints. Be different. Make your content easy to share and engage your audience. They will be more likely to subscribe and learn about your business.

  1. Be Consistent.

Cover one topic at a time and keep things clear and simple. Allow others to build upon your ideas. Your topic may be complicated, but your delivery shouldn’t be. Publish frequently. The more often you blog, the better your results will be and the more potential readers you will attract. Aim to post at least one blog a week.

  1. Content Is Key.

Map it out. Brainstorm ideas relevant to the headline. Turn those ideas into short and simple subtitles. Elaborate on each subtitle with a short paragraph and lastly, edit and include links and images. Keep the blog in the 1–2 minutes read-time length by using 300 – 1,000 words. Fill your blog with knowledge but keep in mind that your reader is seeking information they can process quickly.

  1. Make It Pretty.

Start with a compelling title. The title should be clear, brief, definitive, powerful, and keyword conscious. Check out Google Trends for insight into trending topics and keyword searches. You want to grab the reader’s attention quickly and keep them so they finish the remarkable content. Be sure to include short paragraphs, lists, images, and infographics, to keep readers engaged. Also, consider making an audio version to publish on Podcast.

  1. Sharing is Caring.

Feature advice from industry experts, be sure to include links whenever possible. Make friends.  Respond to reader’s comments, concerns, and questions. Share your blog posts on all social media accounts including Pinterest.

Stick to these 5 steps and you are well on your way to posting more successful blogs.

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