Application for Marijuana Cultivation, Conditional Use Permit or a Business Operations Permit in Sacramento California

Appointments began on April 3rd, 2017 for businesses looking to submit an Application for Marijuana Cultivation License, Conditional Use Permit or a Business Operations Permit in Sacramento California. The community Development Department has stressed that an appointment must be made to review an application. Currently, there are no caps on the number of licenses nor is there a cutoff date for applications. However, this information could change at any time and it’s recommended to apply as soon as possible. The fees for the application depend on the square footage of the facilities.


  • A >5k sqft- Application $9,700
  • B 5k-10k sqft- Application $20,210
  • C 10k-22k sqft – Application $28,910
    *Square footage is measured by canopy size

Sacramento Cannabis Cultivation Application Zoning and Planning

In addition to the facility remuneration, the Zoning and Planning Department will have separate fees ranging from $16k-$33k. See the chart below for specifics:

Once approved by the City of Sacramento Community Development, the permits are good for two years and include an annual renewal fee. The cultivation facilities in Sacramento must be indoor, fully enclosed, and cannot be a greenhouse or outdoor facilities and may not have a retail distribution. Also, there must be no public access and absolutely no consumption on site.

Sacramento California Cannabis Cultivation Application

Your Sacramento cultivation application should include the following sections:

  • Project Narrative,
  • Business Operations Plan,
  • Business Plan,
  • Wastewater Management plan,
  • Development plan,
  • Site Plan,
  • Security Plan,
  • Lighting plan,
  • Odor Control,
  • Water efficiency plan,
  • Energy Efficiency Plan,
  • Community Relations Plan,
  • Budget,
  • Price List of Products,
  • Financial Statement, and
  • Previous Years Tax Return.

For more information on how to get a license in California or to speak to a California Cannabis Consultant, visit or call 888-716-0404.

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