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Cannabis Consulting Services in Los Angeles California

The city of Los Angeles, California is now accepting cannabis business applications for a variety of licenses. The marijuana market in California is well-established, however, the demand for cannabis is still high. This especially applies to Los Angeles as it is seen as an area for tourism and is highly populated at all times. We offer cannabis consulting services in Los Angeles, California that can help you win a license. Let’s take a look at how the application process works.

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Los Angeles Cannabis Consultant

Use Cannabis Consulting Services in Los Angeles California to Win a Cannabis License

The Department of Cannabis Regulation in California began accepting applications at the end of 2020. They are currently accepting applications for delivery, distribution, non-volatile manufacturing, and testing labs.

How to Apply

The Department of Cannabis Regulation in California accepts applications through an online system. This system is Acela. You have to register for an account and provide a detailed business plan about the cannabis business you are acquiring. Utilize our cannabis consulting services in Los Angeles so that you can have a business plan that wins you a license.

Applicants need to follow specific procedures for a commercial cannabis activity license in Los Angeles. This is why it is important to use a cannabis consultant in Los Angeles as application fees are pricey and it is risky to do it on your own. Additionally, the application process is different with every license type.

Lastly, Los Angeles has a Social Equity Program that sets forth various restrictions for the application process. If you have questions about the Social Equity Program, contact our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9.

Los Angeles Cannabis Consultant

Cannabis Consulting Services for Different Cannabis License Types in Los Angeles, California

Cannabis Delivery License in California

A cannabis delivery license in Los Angeles, California is also considered a Non-Storefront Retailer. With this license, you are able to deliver cannabis or cannabis products to customers. Additionally, sales for cannabis products are solely conducted by delivery.

Cannabis Distribution License in California

A distributor license in California allows you to transport cannabis goods between different licensees. Additionally, you can test cannabis products and conduct quality assurance reviews of cannabis goods. With this license, you are only able to distribute marijuana goods, accessories, and branded merchandise/promotional merchandise.

Lastly, different types of licenses exist for cannabis distributors as well. Contact our cannabis consultants in Los Angeles, California for more information about the different cannabis distribution license types available.

Cannabis Non-volatile Manufacturing License in California

A non-volatile solvent is any solvent used within the extraction process that is not a volatile solvent. A volatile solvent is a liquid that vaporizes into a gas, this includes carbon monoxide. Here are some examples of volatile solvents:

  • Butane
  • Hexane
  • Propane
  • Ethanol

Additionally, there are different types of licenses for manufacturing. For example, a “Type P” license allows you to package or repackage medical cannabis products or label/relabel the cannabis product container to go to retail. On the contrary, a “Type N” license is for manufacturers who make edible and topical products using an infusion process. This also includes other types of medical cannabis products other than extracts or concentrates.

You can find more information on the type of manufacturing licenses here.

As you can see, the requirements for a non-volatile manufacturing license can be very specific. Contact our cannabis consultants in Los Angeles for additional information about this license type.

Cannabis Testing Lab License in California

A cannabis testing lab license allows a laboratory, facility, or entity to offer or perform cannabis testing.

Additionally, you can find more information about the requirements for a cannabis testing license here.

Cannabis Consulting Services in Los Angeles California

The business plans for all of the licenses above are important and need to have the required information for consideration by the department. Lastly, our cannabis consulting services in Los Angeles, California can help you win the license you want.

Contact us so you can start your application and open a cannabis business in California.

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