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medical marijuana for ptsd

As millions of wounded veterans around the country struggle for relief, one of the best ways for them to find help is with medical marijuana. While some wounds are physical and visible, many of them lie below the surface or in the minds of those who’ve returned from combat. With the help of medical marijuana for PTSD, it’s possible to get back to a normal life without struggling with substances.

Here is everything you need to know about how PTSD is helped by medical marijuana.

Understanding PTSD

If you don’t understand the definition of PTSD, you probably understand the concept. If you’ve ever suffered a flashback or serious anxiety based on a traumatic incident, that’s what PTSD feels like. When seeking medical help for the problems of PTSD, there are few proven solutions that really work.

However, based on some anecdotal research, medical marijuana has made it easier for some people to cope.

People who’ve been in combat situations or who have grown up in the context of an armed conflict share different types of PTSD. While there are some common symptoms that occur after trauma, not everyone experiences these problems. Additionally, not everyone experiences PTSD, but many people do.

Whether they feel like they’re constantly reliving an event or they’re avoiding situations because of the event, that stress needs to be dealt with. It’s hard to upend your entire life because of the trauma you’ve been through but with the help of some aids, it’s possible to get through hard situations.

Some people deal with substance abuse problems after the PTSD or get addicted to things that are supposed to help. Because of the lack of addictiveness in marijuana, it’s a great candidate for helping people who are suffering from PTSD.

It Curbs Anxiety

One of the most common physical and/or psychological reactions people have to trauma is anxiety. This anxiety might be generalized uneasiness or it might be a severe physical reaction occurring after someone experiences something linked to trauma.

Medical marijuana is a relaxing substance that helps to curb anxiety. It slows the reactions in your brain and body that end up leading to anxiety. By experiencing its calming effects, it’s possible to deal with situations that are challenging or potentially triggering.

Indica strains tend to relax your body, allowing you to mitigate some of those physical impacts of anxiety. Sativa strains are known to help relax the mind, which makes it easier to think about other things or slowly reason your way out of anxiety. Marijuana with THC has the impact of making you feel “high”, but that’s not the only way to use it.

There are now many ways to use medical marijuana that don’t impact your ability to drive or make you feel high. There are CBD strains with no psychoactive elements at all. By removing THC, it’s safe for people of all ages to take the substance and go about their day.

It Helps With Depression

One of the most powerful and surprising elements of PTSD is the way that it can introduce depression into your life. PTSD causes people to become isolated in order to avoid those problems that trigger their disorder and cause them to feel anxious. Some people don’t like who they are when they’re feeling triggered and in order to avoid that feeling, end up avoiding people altogether.

There are some studies showing that in low doses, medical marijuana helps to curb depression for people. When taken in too high of a dose, it ends up exacerbating depression. With the help of a medical professional to monitor your intake and dosage, you can end depression without upsetting your balance.

Several variations of the cannabis plant help to change and improve mood. Sativa strains and those with a lot of CBD are able to help people deal with depression. CBD without the psychoactive THC is great for depression because the THC can be what gets in the way of depression management.

There’s a general uplifting and carefree element to using marijuana that’s enjoyed by most people using it. With the right strain and the right dosage, the depression that follows triggering or from avoiding triggers can be managed

It Helps Manage Pain

Upon returning from combat, lots of people have wounds of varying kinds. They can be psychological, physical, or both. The kind of stress on your body during a tour can cause permanent damage.

This causes many people to start using all kinds of painkillers and prescription drugs to help deal with their problems. While many of these medications are good for a short term aid, they’re often terrible to use for the long term. They can be addictive and their impact can wear off over time.

Medical marijuana has several physical benefits, notably its potential to be anti-inflammatory and to help with lots of types of physical pain. It’s neuroprotective, which helps you by balancing out how intense the feeling of pain is. It helps people with migraines as well when they use strains that are predominantly indica.

People with chronic spinal, muscular, or back pain following service, can benefit from the pain management that medical marijuana helps with. Since this kind of pain can disrupt sleep it can be even harder to heal. Medical marijuana’s ability to help aid sleep makes it a powerful medication that brings benefits that stimulate health and healing.

Medical Marijuana for PTSD Works

With the help of research that’s coming in the next few years, we’re sure to see the power of medical marijuana for PTSD in our lifetime. There’s a lot of research to be done and a lot of potentials to unlock.

If you’re looking at getting your medical cannabis card, check out our guide for tips on how to get one.

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