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Medical Marijuana Coming To South Africa

In a stunning announcement, South Africa’s Parliament successfully approved medicinal use and controlled access to marijuana. The news comes as a surprise to many South African citizens. Their government has historically adopted a stiff approach to cannabis. The government has been discussing medicinal cannabis for many years.  They cited the world’s changing perception of marijuana and the thousands of South Africans suffering from HIV/AIDS and other diseases as reasons for their changed perspective. Parliament outlined the amendment in February 2017 “greenlighting the manufacturing of medical cannabis”. They will begin the implementation process by April 2017.

South Africa Cannabis Consulting

What’s Next With Medical Cannabis In South Africa?

Once put into action, Parliament’s decision will amend the Medicines and Related Substances Act 1965 and reschedule the drug from a Schedule 7 to a Schedule 6. The rescheduling will make it legal for doctors to prescribe medical marijuana as a patient’s treatment option. The government has put the South African Health Products Regulation Authority in charge of regulation and overseeing the program including issuing growing licenses. They will also implement a process for obtaining the medicine. They will ensure that all citizens, rich and poor, male and female, young and old have equal opportunity to obtain and afford the drug. This decision is a huge win for medical marijuana advocates. It will allow further research into the drug’s treatment capabilities. It also provides alternative treatment options for a nation where nearly 12% of the country is infected with HIV.

South Africa Medical Cannabis Consulting

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South Africa Marijuana Consulting

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