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Legal Cannabis in Connecticut

Officials in Connecticut hope to make cannabis legal. Lawmakers filed a bill for legalization earlier this year. The goal is to reinvest in the communities that were broken by the war on drugs. This bill gives opportunities for entrepreneurs to start cannabis businesses in Connecticut. Contact Quantum 9 for information on how you can win a cannabis business license.

Cannabis License News

The bill would make recreational cannabis legal in Connecticut. It allows for the consumption of cannabis products in the privacy of your home. That is because it is adult-use only and must be kept out of the public (which includes restaurants, stores, and campuses). In addition, it would create new equity laws in the state. In June 2011, the Governor signed a bill that decriminalized marijuana.  Medical marijuana has been legal for people who qualify since 2012.

The bill would allow regulators to give licenses to cannabis retailers, manufacturers, and medical growers. The retailer license allows you to acquire, possess, distribute, and dispense cannabis. Additionally, The manufacturer license if needed to register a facility where cannabis will be grown.

A future task is deciding if medical cannabis users will be able to grow from their own homes. That is because public health is a major concern for the bill.

The bill would also erase convictions where people had less than four ounces. It would allow people with previous convictions to apply for a license. In addition, the bill outlines the creation of the Cannabis Equity Commission. The group would encourage communities who have been affected by cannabis to join the industry.

Equity Applicants for a Cannabis License in Connecticut

Section 19 of the bill establishes rules for equity applicants. An equity applicant is an adult or juvenile with a cannabis charge. It also includes the parent and children of people with a cannabis charge. In addition to those who have lived in a disproportionately impacted census tract.

Equity applicants will get priority license processing and will pay lower on a lower fee structure.

Cannabis Licence Application Connecticut

The legal amount an adult over 21 could possess would be one and a half-ounce. Five grams of that can be concentrates. Localities can prohibit adult-use cannabis businesses, but they may not place a ban on delivery. In addition, there will be a tax of $1.25 per gram of flowers. The dry flower will have a tax of $0.50 and the wet flower $0.28. Retailers will pay 3 percent of gross receipts tax to the municipality.

Applying for a cannabis license in Connecticut is not an easy task. You have to obtain a license to be a legal cannabis business. To be a producer, you must fill out the application and pay the $25,000 application fee. The registration fee is $75,000. The annual renewal fee is $75,000, as well.

A municipality can decide if they don’t want a cannabis business or place restrictions on its hours. Zoning officials have to inform the department of any restrictions by January 1, 2022. It will not affect the previously established cannabis business for five years after the adoption.

On and after July 1, 2022, will issue or renew a license for a person to be a cannabis manufacturing facility. The license allows manufacturers to do everything needed to produce cannabis. The license is prohibited from exporting cannabis outside of the state.

The applicant must pass the criteria to get a cannabis license in Connecticut. Each section is worth 150 points. 

Application Criteria: Information you Need to Win a Cannabis License

The application asks you to explain why you want to become a producer. That is the first criteria. The applicant must include a summary of their qualifications and experience. They must also include business transactions connected with the application.

The second part of the application is the location and site plan. It requires the applicant to show that they’re able to use the building they plan to use.  In addition, the application asks for a blueprint of the proposed facility.

Thirdly, the applicant must provide a business plan. The applicant must provide detailed descriptions of the products they will carry. They must also provide descriptions of the air system, training system, and loss prevention system.

In addition, applicants must include a marketing plan. It must include any templates or brochures the business uses.

The fifth criteria are the financial statements and organizational structure. Additionally, the applicants must provide financial information about the business and any backer of the company. They must also include the names of employees and their position.

In addition, the applicant must include agricultural experience. The experience can be from anyone employed.

The seventh criterion is product and site safety. They must provide information on how they will prevent the growth of mold. They must also show how they will keep dangerous chemicals from employees. The Department of Consumer Protection will make standards by January 1, 2021.

Finally, applicants are graded on marijuana transport and bonus points. Bonus points include community benefits, substance abuse prevention, and compassionate need plans. If you pass them all, you can get your cannabis license in Connecticut.

Keep in mind, our cannabis consulting services at Quantum 9 save you time on the application process as we do all of the work for you. Contact us about the license that you want.

cannabis license in connecticut

Cannabis Consulting Helps you Score High

Anyone hoping to get a cannabis license in Connecticut should hire a consultant. Quantum 9 has expertise in permit acquisition, staff augmentation, and employee training. Cannabis consultants have made it easier for people to enter the cannabis industry. The consultants have experience in making sure applicants acquire a license without a problem. Lastly, our cannabis consultants can help with all of the application’s requirements.

We specialize in assisting organizations to enter the industry. That includes help with permit acquisition, facility design, and manufacturing and dispensary licenses. Our CEO, Michael Mayes, is frequently quoted in Cannabis Business Times. Also, our marijuana cultivation consultant Ed Rosenthal wrote the textbook “Marijuana Growers Handbook.”

Lastly, we have the highest success rate in the industry with a 90.12 percent success rate and are eager to help you win the cannabis business license that you want. Contact us for more information.

Cannabis License News

Click here for the full bill that outlines cannabis licensing in Connecticut.

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