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Do you want to win a cannabis license in New Jersey?

Well, you might know what information is necessary within a cannabis application in New Jersey, but it takes more than that to actually win a license. Cannabis licenses in New Jersey are to be rewarded using a point system. So, applicants with the most qualifications win licenses. This is where a cannabis consultant in New Jersey comes in handy. Our team of experts know how to win these licenses and save you time while completing the application for you.

How to Score High for a Cannabis License in New Jersey

The commission in New Jersey grades applications for New Jersey cannabis businesses. With that, there are certain requirements that are essential for you to win a cannabis license in New Jersey. In addition to that, the commission gives priority to applicants with certain qualifications. This makes winning a cannabis license in New Jersey either more difficult or puts you at an advantage.

Make sure to contact our team of cannabis consultants so you know how to win a cannabis license in New Jersey.

winning a cannabis license in new jersey

What the New Jersey Commission Wants to See

As mentioned above, the commission favors certain information within an application. This information includes:

  • First, the commission prefers if applicants include a significantly involved person lawfully residing in New Jersey for at least five years
  • Secondly, an application with applicants that are part of a collective bargaining agreement with a labor organization that currently represents cannabis workers in New Jersey
  • Or, and application that represents cannabis workers in another state
  • Applicants that confirm they will use their best efforts to use union building trades labor organizations in the construction of their cannabis business
  • Also, applicants that confirm they have a project labor agreement associated with the licensed cannabis business
  • The commission gives special consideration to applicants that have agreements with an institution of higher education to create an integrated curriculum involving the growing, processing, wholesaling, distributing, and retail sales of cannabis. The curriculum must be approved by the New Jersey commission and the Department of Education.

For more information on any of the above information contact our cannabis business consultants in New Jersey for an easy and efficient application process.

Impact Zones for Cannabis Licenses in New Jersey

If you want to win a cannabis license in New Jersey, impact zones will be an important factor. So, what is an impact zone?

An impact zone is any town in New Jersey that:

  • Has past criminal marijuana enterprises that contribute to higher police activity, unemployment, and poverty
  • Has a population of 120,000 or more
  • Ranks in the top 40 percent of local towns in the State for marijuana arrests
  • Has a crime index of 825 or higher
  • This also includes a preference for towns in which the local average annual unemployment rate ranks in the top 15 percent

Additionally, with respect to impact zones, the commission gives priority to the following:

  • First, an application for a cannabis establishment, distributor, or delivery service that is located within an impact zone
  • Secondly, an applicant who is a current resident of an impact zone
  • Third, an applicant who makes a plan to employ 25 percent of employees who live in the impact zone

Any of the qualifications above will serve as a huge aid to your application. Our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 are able to gather all of these extra qualifications for you so that you can win a cannabis license in New Jersey. Click the button below to contact us for more information.

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