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Win an Adult-Use Dispensary License in New York

Marijuana is finally legal for adult use in New York. Now is the time to get yourself emersed in this new cannabis industry. Whether you want to sell, grow, process, deliver, or perform any other marijuana-related task in New York, our expert cannabis business consultants in New York are here to help you win the license that you want. Within this article, we first explain what an adult-use dispensary license in New York allows you to do. Then we describe best practices for winning a dispensary license in New York.

So, if you want to open a dispensary in New York, read along and utilize the services from our consultants for a successful application process.

If you want to learn about the general application process for a cannabis business license in New York, click here.

Adult-Use Dispensary in New York

Adult-use sales are expected to begin in 2022. There are currently 38 medical marijuana dispensaries in New York. Take a look at this map to see where these dispensaries are located.

If you have an adult-use dispensary license in New York, you are able to possess, sell, and deliver cannabis from the licensed premise to consumers.

With that, you can not have a direct or indirect financial or controlling interest in more than three adult-use retail dispensary licenses. In addition to that, if you have a retail dispensary license, you can not have an adult-use cultivation, processor, microbusiness, cooperative, or distributor license. You also can not already have an existing medical marijuana business in New York. With that, there are expectations to that rule. To find out about these expectations, click here.

If you have any additional questions on how to open a cannabis dispensary in New York, make sure to talk to our cannabis business consultants at Quantum 9.

adult-use cannabis in new york

Location of an Adult-Use Dispensary in New York

A retail dispensary in New York must be located within a store. Additionally, the main entrance must be from the street level. Additionally, the dispensary shall be located on a public thoroughfare. These premises must be occupied, operated, or conducted for business, trade, or industry.

Lastly, a cannabis retail dispensary in New York can not be within 500 feet of school grounds or within 200 feet of a house of worship. With that, you also have to notify the municipality about your proposed license. This is why it is important to talk to your government officials early.

Application Fees

As of now, there is no definite cost of application fees for a cannabis dispensary in New York. We can assume that these fees will be similar to fees for past medical marijuana facilities in New York. For example, the application fee is $10,000 and the fee is non-refundable.

Additionally, there shall be a $200,000 registration fee. However, if you do not win a license, you will receive a refund.

Make sure to work with our cannabis consultants in New York so that you do not lose any money during the application process.

Running your Dispensary in New York

If you have an adult-use dispensary license in New York, you can not sell, deliver, or give away to any person under the age of 21 or, any visibly intoxicated person.

With that, valid proof of age is a requirement for each transaction.

You can not sell alcoholic beverages or have a license to sell alcoholic beverages, on the same premises where cannabis products are sold. Additionally, advertising is permitted on the exterior or interior of the premises. This is unless the board grants you permission to do so.

Licensees are subject to reasonable inspection by the office. The licensee must make himself, or herself, or an agent, available and present for inspections. However, the office makes reasonable accommodations so that the business does not have interruptions.

As for pricing, each cannabis retail licensee in New York must present the price of the cannabis product within the display. Educational materials and resources have to be available to cannabis consumers. This all must be in your cannabis business plan. Let our expert cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 assist and write this plan for you.

Take a closer look at the bill here.

Advertising and Marketing

The board also creates rules for advertising and marketing when you have an adult-use dispensary license in New York. For example, you can not have advertisements that are false, deceptive, or misleading. Additionally, advertisements can not promote overconsumption, depict consumption, or appeal to children. Any approved advertisements can not be within 500 feet of school grounds, a playground, child care providers, public parks, or libraries.

New York is about to become the largest cannabis market in the United States. It is never too early to start your cannabis business application. Talk to our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 for more information about this process. We have the highest success rate in the industry and won licenses for many east-coast clients. Now is the time to open a dispensary in New York.

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